Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo Motion

We explored motion in many different ways. First we turned out all of the lights and shone white and colored lights, shaping them into figures, letters and tracing people's bodies. I set my shutter speed very low, and allowed the camera to get the full image. Another thing we did is shaking the camera to blur it and make lights or people seem like ghosts. The last thing we did was panning. You pan by focusing on one object while the rest of the image is blurry. It is very hard to accomplish. To do panning, I went to the corner of California St./Divisadero, and tried to pan the cars, buses, bikes, people and scooters as they go by. Instead of being the simple 'say cheese' photo that many of us do, we choose to do something different by having yourself move the camera or the image you are trying to capture move. This allows the picture to have more depth, than just a straight on picture.

Abstract Moving Lights

Moving Lights with Figure

Shaking Camera or 'Blur'



  1. All these images are very creative and portray self expression. the first image in the Abstract Moving Lights section is very exceptional because I like the way you created the change in light and motion. Also I admire the Panning images of the moving vehicles. I believe that these are all successful.

  2. I really like all of your pictures. they show a lot of expressions of life. your panning pictures are outstanding!

  3. All sets of images are capture motion is creative ways. The moving lights with figure pictures really show that you knew what to look for in the image.

  4. All of your photos show motion, but you took a creative license with the photos. You took the assignment and made it your own, good job of thinking outside the box.