Friday, September 24, 2010


For Depth we did three different angles. Foreground/Background, Repetition and Leading Lines. In this project we looked for depth on the streets of San Francisco.  Foreground/Background, Repetition and Leading Lines. Foreground/Background you focus on something very close to you, and something in the background. It creates the illusion of depth, that you can clearly see that something is in the front and that something is in the back. Repetition is another technique we used to take photos. It would the same object or other thing over and over again but still leading you from the foreground to the background. Leading Lines was a technique that your eye would follow the line focused in the photo took the background.The first photo five photos you look at are examples of Leading Lines.  We took many of each and had to use different styles to take the photos.We took many of each and had to use different styles to take the photos.
                                                                       Leading Lines




  1. Good job, i really like all of yourpictures, they look really cool, i really liked your for ground back ground pictures... they show a lot of self expression

  2. I really like the leading lines section and the foreground background, because it is interesting way you provided all your images with different variation of contrast and exposure. I like also like the the stair well because it truly symbolizes images of repetition. I think all are successful.