Thursday, April 26, 2012

Team Photo Journal

The inspiration for this photo came from the Eliza's series that dealt with playing with light, shadows and contrast. She also takes photos from unique angles, so instead of the generic full face photo, I took it from a heightened angle. 

Grace works a lot with fashion photography, so I tried to take this photo so it would have that happy feeling to it. She tends to make her photos pop so I boosted the contrast, and made dramatic shadows, also keeping it in color.

Unfortunately, the effect that Zephy used the most with her photography (neon) is no longer available so I combined a couple effects on a new editing site to try to reinvent neon. I also added different colors, because her photos are usually in color. 

Nearly all of Zaina's images are in black and white and have a sense of mystery. I tried to recreate that feeling, adding black and white, and the little window in the top left corner slightly blurry I hope adds some sense of mystery. 

The inspiration for this photo came from Sam's past photos filled with vibrant colors and lots of flowers. For this photo I tried to show his exuberance and his love for color and flowers.  
Aubrey's photos are very unique in the way that he approaches them. For this photo I choose make it black and white, like many of his photos, and have a sort of double exposure that he uses. I couldn't do it on photoshop, so instead I used an effect online, that isn't exactly the same but it is similar. 

Since Cassie plays around a lot with changing the color of images and using various effects, I tried to find interesting effects but still have the photo have a fun feeling because her photos usually portray that. 

I took and edited this photo this way because Khalena's photos usually have color, contrast and text. So for this image, I added her name, and slightly changed the background color to match her style. 

Nora's photos most always have interesting colors, and taken in a unique way. Since I couldn't get a landscape photo with her, I tried to take the photo at a different angle, and then added contrasting colors. 

The inspiration for this photo came from a collaboration of different series that she has done with texture and fashion photography. I made it the image black and white but kept the texture in color. 

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