Thursday, April 21, 2011

Team Celebration!!

Deana has a very unique style of photography. She always takes thoughtful photos actually thinking about the photo before taking it. Deana's photography is out of the box never just a straight on "say cheese" photo. Each photo always show depth and creativity no matter the assignment. All of her photos bring out something different, showing how diverse her range of photography is. 

Thayer's work mostly focuses on candid images of people on the street. It is a very unique style that she pulls off very well. Each photo shows her creativity and brings out its own emotions. Her minimal editing makes the images feel more real, and that much stronger. 

 Lucas's style of photography is very unique and specific. He does a great job with black and white photography, and working with natural shadows. Lucas's work on Op Art in various style both in color and black and white is very strong. 

 Kenna's work mainly focuses on street photography, and she has become successful at it. Her photography has become progressively better, and works great in both black and white and color. 

Iris' photo's show a lot of creativity and self-expression. She lets each photo speak for itself yet still in the boundaries of the assignment. Her simple editing on the majority of her photography shows how natural and simple her photos are but still have a level of depth. Each photo brings out a different emotion and they all come together to make a nice cohesive set of images. 

 Vlad brings out a different side of photography that sometimes can go unnoticed. His editing is what makes his images that much stronger. His photography is different from everybody else's and each photo is strong in its own way. 

Eric's editing on his work is very successful. His best work is his OpArt, which  shows his editing well. All of his Op Art varies, from using black and white, color, and making each image different by adding contrasting effects and editing. 

Fatima is great with small scale photography. He photographs show you the details in things that you might not otherwise notice. That is one of the things that really makes her photography special.  I would have to say that her latest batch of images is the strongest of her images so far. She knows when to edit her photos, and when to just leave the photo natural. 

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