Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grid Project

Here are the four frame grids we did. There were six words; abstract, people, close up, large scale, patterns, and minimalism. For each word, there was a four frame grid that went along with it. For the editing and combining of the photos we used picnik.com.





Large Scale



  1. I like how you created the word DREW through various different forms of letters that create a flow. Also I am intrigued by the various landscape images. I think all are successful.

  2. I think that your most successful image is the one of the American flag. I think it adds really great perspective and we are able to see the flag from different angles. All your grids have really great flow and I enjoyed looking at them. You did a good job following this assignment.

  3. I love all of these grids. I think you really showed an understanding of the assignment and each image portrays that. My favorite is the third because, not only is it playful, but it is also leading our eyes to read the word. Overall, great job Kendall!